What is GramSlayers?

What do we do?

We are passionate artists ourselves that showcases other talented artists from all over the globe and connects them to an audience of over 155,000 members on Instagram and Facebook.

Our goal is to inspire and create a positive environment for everyone to share their visual creations. We hope everyone finds our page as inspiring to them and their craft as we do with ours. 

We also have a range of Lightroom Presets available from some of the talented artists.

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Artist of the Month

Benji Rogers

Instagram Account: @_smurfious

Location: Bristol, UK

Camera: Sony, a7ii


Bristol's camera menace Ben, brings a whole new dimension to dark art. 

We we highly recommend checking and following this account.

Images from his account are below.




"To hell with facts! We need stories!"

— Ken Kesey


Australian native Rachel Hau is a passionate creator herself, that enjoys the community of all photography and arts styles. Her mission was to build a passionate group of people alike and share the work of other artists from all over the globe to a like minded community. The early success of GramSlayers has also inspired Rachel to push her own creative eye to new levels.

Instagram Account: @rachelhau85