Welcome To GramSlayers


Founded by photographer Rachel Hau in May 2016, GramSlayers has become a family within the Instagram photography community.


GramSlayers is a global photography community, with it's very own founder located in Brisbane, Australia. 


Over the last year Gram Slayers has shared over 2,000 artists and has developed a family like relationship with these artists. Gram Slayers has over 200,000 followers with an organic reach/impressions of over 2 million per week and continues to grow faster than majority of photography pages within Australia. Consistent 3,000 new active photographers join this community weekly. Majority of our followers are from the USA and Australia.

The Gram Slayers name and page founded and created by Rachel Hau, an Australian, and a resident in Australia and co-operated and curated by Krystin, an American and a resident in the United States. In saying that, Gram Slayers is a global photography community and our commitment is to help share and inspire artists and brands from all over.