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GramSlayers has now featured over 2,000 artists, with that being said, I, Rachel, have created a new blog, for some of your favourite Instagram artists to share their tips, stories and even encourage us, the readers, to get out and get creative and shoot more. 

Questions asked by Rachel Hau
Photo by @kremdela

Photo by @kremdela

Todays Artist: Mike Kremel  @kremdela

Rachel: I remember featuring Mike's "shoot through" with the glass ball about 6 months ago on @gramslayers, I instantly turned into his new follower as I wanted to see more snaps from Mike. So anyways I was honoured that Mike @kremdela accepted my invitation to interview him. You can see his work on @kremdela

Rachel: Tell us about yourself?

Well, my name is Mike Kremel, I grew up in the near suburbs of Chicago, IL, I'm currently a Machinist full time so photography is only limited to the weekends 


In frame: @kimmberlymedina  Photo by @kremdela

In frame: @kimmberlymedina

Photo by @kremdela

Rachel: How long have you been taking photos for?

Mike: I've been shooting for exactly a year and a half this month 

Rachel: What motivates you to keep creating?

Mike: Really just seeing that finished result on a shot just makes me happy, I like to see something in my head and then translating it into the real world is just so much fun to me.

Rachel: What influenced you to get into photography?

Mike: Well I used to always dick around on my iPhone throughout the years and my friends would always say they liked my shots a lot, so I sat on that for like 6 years and finally bought myself a camera on my birthday in 2016 and never looked back since.

In frame: @imrachelnicole  Photo by @kremdela

In frame: @imrachelnicole

Photo by @kremdela

Rachel: I found you from a feature and was immediately, captivated by your work and you’re  always trying something new which I love. It’s hard to choose a favourite, is there one capture you really like and why?

Mike: Hmmm that is a hard one, theirs details I like about a bunch but I’ll have to say the shot at the LED grid wall, looking down with Katrina Hong below, I was very hyped with that one! I don't think many people liked it but that's how it always goes with your favorite it seems 

Rachel: Any advice for anyone just starting out?

Mike: Definitely just do your own thing and find your style, don't be afraid to experiment with angles and edits, one of those styles you think people wont like maybe just the next big thing.

In frame: judith_valadezx  Photo by @kremdela 

In frame: judith_valadezx

Photo by @kremdela 


Rachel: What music do you listen when you edit? EDIT JAMZ.

Mike: I’m not exactly sure the specific genre but Andy Stott I love listening too or Jon Hopkins, gets my brain in the zone.

Rachel: And lets wrap this up with a final question, who are your favourite Instagram photographers at this moment? 

Mike: Definitely my boy @imarksthespot, he always makes me wanna do more, @mmeyers76, his work is just top notch, @hellodrenick, love his ports, @deftony83 has the beastly drone shots! Can’t forget @rachelhau85, you inspired me when I was starting out to get those depthy look ups and not be afraid to use some lush colors! 

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