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GramSlayers has now featured over 2,000 artists, with that being said, I, Rachel, have created a new blog, for some of your favourite Instagram artists to share their tips, stories and even encourage us, the readers, to get out and get creative and shoot more. 

Questions asked by Rachel Hau
Photographer: @phillyfocused

Photographer: @phillyfocused

Marc's account was referred to me to checkout, by an Instagram photographer, way back when I started GramSlayers. Someone looked at my accounts and said Rach! you have to see this one, you will love it. Instantly I featured and followed him and we also became IG friends :) So I was honoured Marc agreed to let me write this article with him.

Todays Artist: Marc  @phillyfocused

Rachel: Tell us about yourself?

Marc: I am 32yrs old living in the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pa. I currently work in financial sales at a small firm selling investment products to financial advisors throughout the country. Outside of my job, I’m either at the gym or working on my photography. I am constantly teaching myself new techniques for editing or shooting.   

Photographer: @phillyfocused

Photographer: @phillyfocused


Rachel: How long have you been taking photos for?

Marc: I have been taking photo’s for about 4 years now on a DSLR camera.

Rachel: What is your favourite season to shoot in?

Marc: My favorite season to shoot would have to be Fall because on the east coast, when the leaves are changing, its absolutely beautiful. 

Photographer: @phillyfocused

Photographer: @phillyfocused


Rachel: What influenced you to get into photography?

Marc: I've always been interested in looking at photo’s, but believe or not, when I got my first iphone, I attached one of the fisheye lens attachments to the iPhone and started to slowly get into it. After that, I got a GoPro camera and started messing around with that when someone told me that I have a good eye and should look into getting a DSLR.  

Rachel: Do you have advice for those wanting to get started?

Marc: My advice would to be constantly challenging yourself, read articles on how to capture whatever type of photography that you may be into at the moment. I am constantly reading and watching youtube videos to teach myself some tricks and editing techniques. Or reach out to some local photographers that you would like to shadow and see if you can shoot with them. 

Photographer: @phillyfocused

Photographer: @phillyfocused

Rachel: I have a feeling we will have a vey similar taste in music. What music do you listen when you edit? EDIT JAMZ

Marc: There are 2 different types of music I listen to when I edit, chill house or rap & hip hop. Sometimes you can really lock yourself into a amazing edit depending on the mood you are in.

Rachel: And lets wrap this up with a final question, who are your favorite Instagram photographers at this very moment?                                                                                                                                                 

Marc: There are soo many but here are just a few of my favorite Photographers right now that inspire me @jude_allen , @831gaberodriguez , @pimpmycamel, @alec_basanec @the_lost_coast , @shainblumphotography ,@ashleyinwanderland
 @karl_shakur , @uwo , @asteryx and @mindz.eye

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