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GramSlayers has now featured over 2,000 artists, with that being said, I, Rachel, have created a new blog, for some of your favourite Instagram artists to share their tips, stories and even encourage us, the readers, to get out and get creative and shoot more. 

Questions asked by Rachel Hau
Always wanted to escape and live the carefree island life? Well this
photographers account is going to blow-your-socks-off!!!! Meet josh, i
was honoured enough to interview this instagram creator and find out
who is behind all these dreamy escape photos. You can see josh’s his
work on @joshuafooo
Todays Artist: Joshua Foo  @joshuafooo
Rachel: tell us about yourself?
Hey Guys,
First of all, thanks so much Rachel for putting me on the spotlight! It really means a lot that you like my work. I’ve been a big fan of your work for quite some time now!
My name is Josh and currently living in Sydney. In April 2017, I decided to take a short trip to South East Asia to do some photography which has taken me away from Australia for a good 9 months now. (Totally unplanned)
From day to day, I work on Web & Social Media for my clients. I shoo and edit with whatever spare time I have. Since I started my journey on Instagram, it has also landed me a few opportunities to work with businesses & brands!

Rachel: how long have you been taking photos for?
Joshua: I would say close to about a year now!

Rachel: what motivates you to keep creating?
As of right now, progress is my main motivator! By that I don’t mean racking up Instagram followers and the amount of likes you get although it is very nice :D
The progress that drives me the most is watching my own skillset & abilities improve over time. I like it the most when I discover nuances in shooting or editing that allows me to add to my own personal skill vault.
Until I feel like I’ve stop progressing, it will remain my primary motivation to keep creating. Travelling also motivates me to create as well. Having a list of places that I want to visit drives me every day to make it happen. Bali is up next! Can’t wait :D
Photography by @joshuafooo

Photography by @joshuafooo

Rachel: what influenced you to get into photography?
A whole bunch of reasons really. It started when I felt like I wanted to create & inspire. I could never really sit down doing a 9 -5 just to make ends meet and let the days go by. The desire made me try many things over the years. While trying to figure things out, I started seeing a lot of amazing photos on Instagram and I was like ‘WOW’, let’s try that. Ever since then, Photography became something I do every day.

Rachel: I have been a massive fan of your page, and enjoy seeing your
dreamy escapes._ it’s hard to choose a favourite, is there one
capture you really like and why?

Oh man…. Choosing your favourite photo is the toughest thing. I have a couple of favourites but at this point of time, I think the photo I took of Koh Phi Phi Leh is my favourite. I was in Phi Phi Islands for only 3 days & 2 nights and on the first two days, it was pouring heavy heavy rain. I even took trips out on the boat when it stopped raining and when I got to the shooting spots, it started pouring again. Despite that, I waited in the rain for the weather to clear up but no luck. At the end of the second day, I felt so deflated. I didn’t get any shots and I knew I wasn’t going to return to Phi Phi for a long time. On the 3rd day, I woke up at 5.30 a.m and rolled the dice one last time. Hopped onto a boat and sailed out. I got to the shooting spot and it was still dark and gloomy and I was like “yeah this is it, no luck again”. Anyhow, I just waited on the boat hoping for the skies to clear and BOOM! 30 minutes later the sun broke through the clouds and started shinning against the entire Island. I reckon I took like 300 shots in the small 30 minute window but one shot particularly stands out for me! 
There are 2 Islands in Phi Phi. One is Koh Phi Phi Don and the other is Koh Phi Phi Leh. The good shots are mostly on Koh Phi Phi Leh and you need to travel there by a 30 minute boat ride.  Photography by @joshuafooo

There are 2 Islands in Phi Phi. One is Koh Phi Phi Don and the other is Koh Phi Phi Leh. The good shots are mostly on Koh Phi Phi Leh and you need to travel there by a 30 minute boat ride.

Photography by @joshuafooo

Rachel: any advice for anyone just starting out?

- Shoot anything and everything until you find out what you like to shoot! Animals, Street, Portrait, Landscape, Urban! Anything you have access to, shoot it.

- Work on fundamentals over and over again until it becomes second nature.

- Play with exposures and shutter speeds so that you are familiar with all the different results you can achieve with the different settings.

- Spend more time editing than shooting. An analogy I always like to use is “If photography was fitness, Shooting is like going to the gym and editing is like the diet” :D
Photography by @joshuafooo

Photography by @joshuafooo

Rachel: what music do you listen when you edit? Edit jamz
A lot of G-Eazy! He’s my favourite rapper.

Rachel: and lets wrap this up with a final question, who are your favourite?
Oh wow, so many I can’t pick so I’ll name 3!

Jordan (@jordhammond)
Karl Shakur (@karl_shakur)
Peter (@yantastic) – Mentored and guided me from when I was a Pleb :P
Photography by @joshuafooo

Photography by @joshuafooo

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