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GramSlayers has now featured over 2,000 artists, with that being said, I, Rachel, have created a new blog, for some of your favourite Instagram artists to share their tips, stories and even encourage us, the readers, to get out and get creative and shoot more. 

Questions asked by Rachel Hau

My first Artist Interview for 2018. And I got to ask Kirth aka @insanelighting a bunch of questions about what he enjoys about creating images. I have been following Kirth for a pretty long time so I was really looking forwards to reading his answers. 

Todays Artist: Kirth Anthony  @insanelighting

Image by  @insanelighting

Rachel: Tell us about yourself?

Kirth: Just want to give a big thanks to Rachel for putting me on the center stage It really means a lot that you admire my art work. My name is Kirth and I am a 31 year old photographer living in New York City, Manhattan. I focus most of my photography contemplation on the urban scenery with a blend of architectural theme. I currently work in financial billing department. I do my best to edit as much photos whenever I have enough spare time. I am constantly improving my editing work flow and manipulation through the use of post production software such Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop but mostly Lightroom to speed up my entire work flow to cut time in half.

Rachel: Wow!! glad you admire my work, I Love all your images. How long have you been taking photos for?

Kirth: I have been taking photo’s for about 3 years now on multiple cameras such as film, mirrorless and DSLR. 

Rachel: What is your favourite season to shoot in?

Kirth: My favorite season to shoot would have to be definitely Summer and Fall. There is something about living on the east coast, due to the dramatic change of scenery and weather condition

Image by  @insanelighting

Rachel: What influenced you to get into photography?

Kirth: I've always been interested in looking at photo’s in many perspective. But also creating and inspire in many different ways capturing the perfect moment at the right time. It gets frustrated sometimes when you are working at 9-5 job five days a week and looking at many different Instagram account. I was actually mind blowing at very unique artist on Instagram. Therefore I decided to step out my comfort zone and take risk to try it. Ever since then photography became something special to me as I do my best to do it every day.

Rachel: Do you have advice for those wanting to get started?

Kirth: My advice for anyone is who Is starting photography, Get out your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to play around with your camera, be familiar with the settings and read some of the basic rules about photography such Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. What does these setting represent when you are capturing beautiful moments. Be unique/different try to experiment with many variety of perspective and also locations that never been seen before. 

Image by  @insanelighting

Rachel: What music do you listen when you edit? EDIT JAMZ

Kirth: I’m not exactly picky when it comes to any type of specific genres but I enjoy listening to hip hop/rap such ASAP Rocky, 50 Cent, Logic and Mac Miller, gets my brain in the zone and focus harder while I am editing.

Image by  @insanelighting

Rachel: And lets wrap this up with a final question, who are your favourite Instagram photographers at this very moment? 

Kirth: There are so many to name, but here are just a few of my favorite Photographers right now that inspire me to work and hard and push harder to new boundaries. @e4rlyr1ser , @mmeyers76 and also @juluminate

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