Rachel Hau

Australian Based Photographer & Creator of @GramSlayers

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Based in 

Brisbane, Australia

Camera: Canon 5D MKiii

My journey with photography started 2 years ago, before Grams Slayers was a household name. My very first camera was a Canon 700d I bought a little over two years ago. Things escalated quickly for me when I had a small interview with coffee and a featured article in a local facebook page with my photos, following that I was featured on a number of instagram accounts, linking my account with the featured image. I had no idea what a feature page was to be honest, but over time people started following my work from finding me on these feature accounts. Visit her gallery at @rachelhau85

A short clip from my most recent Leap Meet I organised and hosted for Canon Australia. 

Video filmed by @joshuadanielvlog


"it's not what you can achieve next week, but what you can achieve in a year" 

I would say it took me 6-12 months to see improvements in my photography abilities, so I took the leap and upgraded my camera to a Canon 5D mkiii, I tell every beginner “it’s not what you can achieve next week, but what you can achieve in a year”.  Also, when I would get asked what equipment I recommend, I would recommend “my eyes are my primary piece of equipment”

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Aerial photography is one of my favourite styles to shoot.

By Rachel Hau

You have to put in the time.

Ok my full-time profession is, Rachel Hau, the property manager, so time really doesn’t exist in my life. I may have used my only time available to shoot a few paid gigs with the 5D, in 2016, mainly to pay it off. Weekends were non-existent in 2016 so I started up @Gramslayers a feature page of all the photos I find inspiring to me. My personal account and my own personal photos went on hold for all of 2016. Paying off my expensive gear with some paid shoots/collaborations, while growing a feature page at my office desk, while talking to my clients.

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“my eyes are my primary piece of equipment”

By Rachel Hau

“my eyes are my primary piece of equipment”

For me photography is my escape from reality, I found something I love doing and a community who also loves to follow and join me on my visual adventures. With my intelligent camera the 5D, that I paid off and a new year, I went back to taking photos for myself in 2017. Sharing my own photos again and posting them again, I have now established my name back and fast forward, I teamed up with my favourite Camera Brand Canon Australia to work on a new photography community page @leapmode . Through working on @leapmode I have been able to personally meet my followers and build a local photography community in my city, Brisbane.

Today is December 2017, I have completed everything I had set out to do this year plus more I never imagined.

Next year…. trust me.... I shall continue……….

Contact: rachelkhau@gmail.com

a few images below by Rachel

If you want to get in contact with Rachel please send to rachelkhau@gmail.com or contact her via instagram at @rachelhau85