@rachelhau85 Lightroom Presets

@rachelhau85 Lightroom Presets

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Rachel Hau Lightroom Presets 


Includes 6 Artist Presets

- Bubble Gum (image at night)

- Grapes (image at night)

- Green Apples & Blue Berries (image at night)

- Night Port (image at night)

- Daylight to night (taken in the daylight)

- Extra - Act Normal (Taken in the daylight)

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Installation of Presets


1. Unzip folder containing purchased presets

2. Open 'develop module' on the bar, top right in Lightroom CC

3. Create a new folder for the new presets on the left colomn

4. Click 'Import'

5. Find and select all your purchased presets and click 'Import' (MAC, click 'Open')


Any other questions?

Any questions relating to installing preset please contact us gramslayers@gmail.com